Sunday, February 14, 2016

“Chasing Day” by Twyla Turner

New Adult

He's the popular quarterback of the football team. She's the shy cellist. Unlikely best undeniable attraction that spans decades.


   The Wonder Years

Daylen Daniels and Chase McCoy are as different as night and day. Chase is the beautiful golden boy. Gorgeous, popular, and the quarterback of the football team. Daylen is the quiet introvert. Lovely curves, shy, and sees herself as an orchestra geek. After Day moves next door to Chase, a run-in with a bully, a domestic dispute, and one treehouse hideout; an impenetrable bond is made.

As they grow up, their attraction for each other grows with them, but is it strong enough to risk their friendship? A party, a little game of spin the bottle, and a devious enemy could shake the very foundation of their friendship. Or it could start a tumultuous romance that spans decades.

Take a journey with these two best friends through heartbreak, tragedy, and from childhood to adulthood as the two find that young love isn't as strong as they'd hoped. A story of true growing pains in…Chasing Day.


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