PERSONALIZED ASTROLOGY CHARTS, PLOTTED SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU ARE USEFUL ⒾⓃⓉⓇⓄⓈⓅⒺⒸⓉⒾⓋⒺ TOOLS for over 30 years M.C.V. Egan has used ASTROLOGY in a wide variety of ways. Natal Charts are your star guide from the date, time and place you were born. Solar Returns are cast every year with current location. Transit charts are bi-wheels showing where planets are at a particular time and how they affect your natal planets. Transits and solar returns are tools for planing and identifying the effect for you in the future. Progressions are about your personal, inner growth. THANK YOU

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Deadly Legends A Boxed Set feat. Silent Echoes and Silent Obsession by Melissa Bourbon Genre: Romantic Suspense

What inspired you to write this book? (Deadly Legends)

My husband is a first generation Mexican American. His parents came to the US as part of the bracero program long ago. Through my husband and his family, I’ve learned so much about the Mexican culture. We’ve worked hard to bring this culture to our five kids. Our three oldest boys live in the Los Angeles area and just held their own tamalada (a tamale making party), which is one of our family’s biggest traditions.

I remember the first time I heard the story of la Llorona—the crying woman. It is kind of a boogeyman legend meant to keep children in bed. We were camping and my husband told the story (he’s a very good storyteller, complete with sound effects and voices), spooking the kids. I became fascinated with the legend.

Years later, I came back to the legend, researching it and discovering the different versions of it. Those versions are the basis for Silent Obsession. The legend of chupacabra, another creepy urban legend, is the basis for Silent Echoes. I love these books so much.

Vic and Ray Vargas are the two brothers featured in these two books. They are sigh-worthy heroes. I hope you fall in love with them as much as I have!

National Bestselling author Melissa Bourbon brings dark twists to two Latin-American urban legends guaranteed to keep you up into the wee hours. With riveting suspense, sigh-worthy romances with heart-stopping heroes, beautiful writing, and characters that jump off the page, these thrilling romantic suspense novels will have you believing in curses and ghosts. 

For the first time, Silent Echoes and Silent Obsession are together in this boxed set. Get ready for a thrill-ride… 

Silent Echoes 

Something deadly waits in the shadows… 

On a Texas night twelve years ago, Vic Vargas kissed Delaney West so deeply that she almost came apart. Later that same night, evil crept into Delaney’s room as she slept – and everything in their world fell apart. Now Vic is a rancher living a half-empty life punctuated by one-night stands and a strained relationship with his 11-year-old son. 

Then Delaney returns to San Julio, and the past comes rushing back… along with the silent echoes of that night so long ago. Livestock are dying. Some say coyote, but others whisper another darker word. Chupacabra. Bloodsucker. 

The past hasn’t disappeared – nor has the instinctive desire that snaps and crackles between Delaney and Vic. And as those emotions ignite, so does the evil that hibernated for the last twelve years. The evil that waited for Delaney to return to San Julio… and to Vic Vargas. 

Silent Obsession 

Johanna Rios is a woman whose past has come back to haunt her. 

The ghost of la Llorona is said to haunt the riverbanks, always searching for her drowned child. She also haunts high school teacher Johanna Rios, whose own mother believed so deeply in the legend she tried to drown her daughters. And now the ghost has become real, a young woman murdered, and the safe world Jo created is falling apart. 

Since returning home from his last tour of duty to become a school principal, Ray Vargas has fought his attraction for his employee, the sensual woman who’d once been the girl next door. But the Llorona Killer will not stop until he claims his final victim—Johanna—and Ray will do anything to protect the woman he’s come to love. 

With a serial killer out to prove the curse is real, will Ray and Johanna’s future be drowned in the ghostly waters of the past? Or will the power of their love give them the strength to stop a killer…and heal their wounded hearts…? 

Melissa Bourbon, the author of the Magical Dressmaking Mysteries (A Seamless Murder, A Killing Notion, A Custom-Fit Crime, Deadly Patterns), sometimes answers to her Latina-by-marriage name, Misa Ramirez. She gave up teaching middle and high school kids in northern California to write full-time amid horses and Longhorns in north Texas. She fantasizes about spending summers writing in quaint, cozy locales, has a love-hate relationship with yoga and chocolate, is devoted to her family, and can’t believe she’s lucky enough to be living the life of her dreams. 

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Monday, May 25, 2020

Storiebook Charm A Spellbound Novel 1 by Melissa Bourbon Genre: Light Paranormal Romance

A Bit About Me

I have five children, and anyone who knows anything about daycare, knows that by the time I had two, most of my salary as a middle school English teacher went to daycare expenses. I did the most logical thing—I stepped away from teaching to stay home with the kids. I’d toyed with the idea of writing before that. This was years ago, before Young Adult fiction had become a thing. I thought I’d keep my brain actively engaged by writing something my students would like reading.
I wrote a book about a classroom of students who are all on task at the same time. Shocking! It causes a time travel episode, taking them all back to Ellis Island where they have to make their way through in order to get back to the present. I still love this book, though it resides only in a file now.

Fast forward six years and three kids later. My writing had ebbed, but I was ready to get back to it. I started with a character. Before long, there was a family, a setting, and a mystery. That became my first published book. I’ve always written mysteries, but longed to delve into stories that were a little darker. I’m fortunate to be able to write full time now. Those darker stories came in the form of Silent Echoes and Silent Obsessions (combined in the Deadly Legends boxed set) are those books. They are based on urban legends I have always been fascinated with. I hope you’ll find them interesting, too!

From National Bestselling author Melissa Bourbon comes a small town magical story with a heart-stopping hero, a sigh-worthy romance, beautiful writing, and characters that jump off the page. Get ready to be charmed by Storie and Reid, and watch out for the twist! 

Storie Bell is a witch. Not the kind that lives in Harry Potter's world. No, she is more like Glinda, the good witch of the North, minus the munchkins and Dorothy. But a witch trying to blend in in a small southern town is no easy feat. She’s grown up believing that mortals and witchcraft don't mix. 

Storie thinks the biggest threat to her future—opening The Storiebook Cafe, where happy endings begin— is Reid Malone, the very man she ran away from years before. He seems hell bent on getting in the way of her bookstore’s grand opening. But when a mysterious woman from Storie’s past shows up and makes claims that leave Storie confused, she rethinks her entire future. 

Melissa Bourbon, the author of the Magical Dressmaking Mysteries (A Seamless Murder, A Killing Notion, A Custom-Fit Crime, Deadly Patterns), sometimes answers to her Latina-by-marriage name, Misa Ramirez. She gave up teaching middle and high school kids in northern California to write full-time amid horses and Longhorns in north Texas. 

She fantasizes about spending summers writing in quaint, cozy locales, has a love-hate relationship with yoga and chocolate, is devoted to her family, and can’t believe she’s lucky enough to be living the life of her dreams. 

        Website * Facebook * Twitter * Bookbub                                   Amazon * Goodreads

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Bigfoot Lives... In Idaho Bigfoot Lives Book 1 by Becky Cook Genre: Nonfiction, True Story Encounters

It’s late at night and you are sitting around a campfire when someone starts telling yet another Bigfoot story.

You ask yourself – are they really real?

If you have ever wondered if Bigfoot exists, this is the book to read to find out. He not only exists, he lives and thrives here in Idaho.

This book captures a cross section of stories from across the state. They tell the tale of sightings – the smell, the size, where they were and how it happened.

"… he was easily seven and a half feet tall and roughly 800 pounds of muscles and hair – not any fat on him. It had both dark hair and dark eyes and it was obviously a male. It seemed unconcerned … "
“If he wanted to he could have ripped me in half,”

So what really happened? Are they really real?

Read the book and decide yourself. 

Bigfoot Still Lives... In Idaho 
Bigfoot Lives Book 2 

Bigfoot Still Lives in Idaho is a compilation of eye witness stories from people just like you who have seen Bigfoot here in Idaho. They describe the terrain, the sounds, the smells, and the circumstances. Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, this book will have you at least open to the option of their existence. 

Bigfoot Lives Forever in Idaho 
Bigfoot Lives Book 3 

All of us have had moments where life is suspended in time, when life seems frozen in an amazing snap shot. Occasionally we pull that experience out from the recesses of our mind - to look at it, to savor it, and to experience it again. It is at times like these when you wonder if you really saw what you think you just saw, like those times where you just can’t quite believe your eyes – like say, when you saw your first Bigfoot.

“It was bigger than anything I have ever seen – really tall and furry from head to toe! It was just so surprising – I didn’t expect to run into anything on a trip to the bathroom.”

“They are smart, and they can sit still for a really long time. Besides, they have the whole forest to hide in; no wonder people don’t see them real often.”

“I didn’t believe in Bigfoot, I thought it was a hoax. Now I believe it and I look at every bear track differently. I know they are up there. It’s one thing to think you see it and it’s another thing entirely to have one scare you half to death! Why lie when the truth is so much more amazing?”

Read along as more stories are told of the amazing Bigfoot who have been seen right here in Idaho – some of them near your own home. 

Becky Cook is an award winning author and speaker. She has entertained many groups - large and small - and never seems to have trouble holding the interest of those in the audience. 

$25 Amazon gift card 

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Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Occult Persuasion and the Anarchist's Solution by Lisa de Nikolits Genre: Humorous Thriller

The Occult Persuasion and the Anarchist’s Solution is about a couple experiencing a crisis. The husband, Lyndon, loses his job as editor of a financial magazine. Neither are happy with aging. Lyndon has gotten by with charm and frozen emotions. The wife, Margaux, has no idea how angry she is with him for his detachment. It is her idea to sell the house and just travel. But he is not coping well with retirement, so he simply walks off a ferry in Australia and leaves her. He steals a cat (well, he steals an expensive SUV that happens to have a cat onboard) and he flees Sydney, ending up in Apollo Bay, a few hours south-west of Melbourne, where he falls in with a group of anarchists and punk rockers in a tattoo parlour, planning revolution. 

Meanwhile, Margaux sits tight in Sydney with no idea of where her husband might be or what happened. She moves into the red-light Kings Cross area, befriending the owner of the hostel, a seventy-year-old ex-cop drag queen from Saint John, New Brunswick, and waits to hear from her husband. 

When she learns that her husband is fine, she is consumed by wrath and she invokes the angry spirit of an evil nurse, a key player in the terrible Chelmsworth sleep therapy in which many patients died (historical fact). While Lyndon gets in touch with his original career ambition to become an artist and wrestles with anarchism versus capitalism, Margaux learns to deal with her rage. 

A serio-comedic thriller about a couple who embark on an unintentionally life-changing around-the-world adventure, The Occult Persuasion and the Anarchist’s Solution is about the meaning of life, healing from old wounds, romantic love at all ages, and how love and passion can make a difference, at any age. 

**Get the book for 50% off direct from the author HERE!**

Lisa de Nikolits is the internationally award-winning author of nine novels (all Inanna Publications). No Fury Like That was published in Italian in 2019 by Edizione Le Assassine as Una furia dell’altro mondo. Her short fiction and poetry have also been published in various anthologies and journals internationally. She is a member of the Mesdames of Mayhem, the Crime Writers of Canada, Sisters in Crime, The Australian Crime Writers, The Short Fiction Mystery Association and the International Thriller Writers. Originally from South Africa, Lisa de Nikolits came to Canada in 2000. She lives and writes in Toronto. 

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Meridian Chronicles by M.D. Fryson Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Here is an interview from Lahash, a demon from the dark one’s court.

Character Interview

Lahash’s Interview- Demon from the dark realm’s high court.
1.     Q: Lahash, what is your favorite place on Earth? 
A:  Well, Paris certainly has appeal and keeps me in the best fashions, however Italy has my attention with wonderful architecture and of course my favorite drink, Disarranno.  We can’t forget about the quaint town of Salem, certainly is becoming a favorite.

2.      Q:  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 
A:  Change?  Why, I quite like myself actually.  I can’t see any reason for me to change.  I dress great, I have wonderful sense of style and tastes in life.  The dark one sees me as an up and coming favorite in the dark realm.

3.      Q:  Do you believe in life after death?
A: Well of course I do.  If you read the series anyone can see there could potentially be many lives to live after a mortal death.  The present situation of the afterlife is what keeps me quite busy these days. What keeps me going is spending my time in the company of politicians, they are where I get my negative energy from. Well all demons survive on the negative energy of humans. Lately though, that has been difficult. I have spent a lot of time with Echo, the Earth Nymph. I had to kidnap her and take her to the dark realm. I just can’t quite see what she doesn’t see in me. I am a demon of the high court, I have a great abode in the dark realm and I am a lot of fun.

4.      Q:  Do you have any pet peeves?
A:  Certainly.  Beings that cannot be who they are without apologies.  One shouldn’t ever be apologetic to who they are. Besides, I can’t please everyone and really the only one I do try to please is the dark one, of course. His orders must be followed.  

5.      Q:  Your latest crush?
A:  Oh, I do love this question.  Echo, as I mentioned earlier.  She rules the element of Earth.  Oh do I like her, she is exotic and surreal.  It certainly is taking her time to realize what a better plane of existence she would be in to spend time with me.  But, I am still working at inspiring her right now.  I think though, she will find that she is powerless against my demon charms.  You just wait and see.

6.     Q: Do you think the author does a good job at portraying you?
A: Well, all humans have room for improvement. But I must have impressed her, because she is writing me into her new book, “The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer” I was distressed to find that I do not play a large role, and of course she wrote in my nasty ex, Astaroth. A fellow demon herself. But I guess I can put that aside, because the author gave me my own book. I get to tell a story from my point of view in “The Demon Chronicles: Lahash & Black Moon Lilith.” It is so exciting to get to see my name, a demon’s name in the title. Oh readers will certainly get my inner monologue, which is to say a little on the profane side. And of course, my little William. He is that nasty little lawyer wanna-be, who has some of his little issues he is sorting out. I do belive he keeps an ax under his bed, and well, the author is taking a break on my book, to finish out the release of this one. So, we are at a standstill. But I cannot wait until she returns to finish. I am in some of my favorite places, brothels, gentlemen’s club and Italy. It has been a nice break from Salem.

7.     Q: What do you think of the main character?
A:  Who? Meridian? Or Aiden? It is so hard to tell who is in the lead. They both are so annoying with their twin soul saga. Really? How unfair is it anyway that only humans get to have a twin soul? Everyone is up in arms over Aiden, including…oh, I better not say. The author may not like that I let the cat out of bag here. It may give too much of the story away. But I will say they both have caused such a fuss. Even the nymphs are running around, imploring their fairy lure on everyone. Including the demons if you can image that.  They just march into the dark realm and ruin everything. All because Warrick started this war against the angels and the spirit guides. I was perfectly happy until Warrick and his power obsession ruined it. But I manage through the story. But Aiden is the baby face, goody goody. And he is just so perfect, that it is nauseating. Meridian, we all know is destined to take over Etheria. I just feel like the whole issue is taking too long. I am just excited for readers to get to the end of the book and see the ending. I feel as though I may blush to talk about it. So, I will leave it as a surprise.
8.     Q: Who is your least favorite character in the series?
A: Hmm, least favorite. That is so hard, really. I don’t like anyone except Echo. But if I had to answer it wouldn’t even be Astaroth, that is so cliché. So I would have to say Relic. He too is in love with a nymph. I believe he is quite taken with Lotus, the water elemental nymph. I suppose I see the allure, nymphs are, well… you know. But he flips from love to love. First he loved Meridian, and before I think he loved about anything that walked. He just thinks he is so perfect and better than everyone, I just can’t see what anyone would see in him. We have had a few small spats here and there, but I will be so glad I don’t have to have anymore scenes with him after this book ends.

9.     Q: What scares you the most?
A: What an interesting question. I am a demon, not much scares me. But really, I believe not having Earth to return too. I love Earth. Of course, I have to keep the company I do in order to survive. But beyond that. Humans, I am a bit jealous. They have so much, and little do they realize how quickly their time goes. Their frailty and mortality are mysterious. After all, how silly the dark one believes that he can just charge into the hall of souls and challenge the keepers, the angels. I just can’t see that working out. Our soul collector, Moloch, he has just gotten a little too big for his demon-britches and doesn’t belive we should have to take human souls or take from humans to survive.

10.  Q: What is the plan from the dark one exactly?
A: Well the entire series he is trying to plot to invade the hall of souls. We always have some issue to deal with. Like Meridian’s curse, the Angels’ quartz sword, the nymphs getting in the way. Or of course, Selena the Fairy Queen. She is a force to be reckoned with. She really hates the demons, so when she gets involved it is always more difficult. Of course, in the last book one of our own, Pyro got too greedy and Karma one of the fairy nymphs destroyed him the day Aiden gave his life for Meridian. If it weren’t for me, Pyro may have gotten away with it.

11.  Q: Any last words?

A:  Well, none for now, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like having the last word. Readers will see that in the last book, oh and of course the new one. Such an exciting time for me, getting all this attention feels so gratifying. Enjoy the read and don’t forget to vote for me as the best character!
Keepers & the Soul Key 
Meridian Chronicles Book 4 
by M.D. Fryson 
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance 

What has happened to Aiden after his selfless act of sacrificing his life for Meridian? Where did Meridian go? True love can break the curse, but only an act of true love from a twin soul sets her free.
Their epic and sudden departure have left their friends, witches, fairies, and spirits in search of their souls. 

While the high court demons strategize their attack of the hall of souls to absorb the angels' power — the only demoness at court has her secret obsession, and she used Moloch, the dark one's soul collector, who may have taken more than just one soul of a wicked witch. 

Astaroth's secret obsession and help from Moloch may indirectly help the dark one's plan. But there is one problem that lingers. 

Lahash, the rogue demon of the high court, has been charged to destroy his obsession, Echo, the Earth nymph. After kidnapping her and taking her to the dark realm, she is weakened and cannot fend off the brooding demon's lust. In a passionate moment, Lahash finally confesses why he is so obsessed with the nymph, and she admits her secret knowledge of human souls. 

The search for Meridian and Aiden surfaces a shocking revelation. Aiden is trapped and needs to be saved, but from whom? 

The spirit guides demand the return of a spirit guide from the keepers, who remains in the hall of souls. They believe this spirit guide can stop the demons, save the spirit guide realm, find Meridian, and save humankind. 

The keepers, known as the angels, have one request that the chosen one must accomplish before Etheria can be saved, and Aiden to be returned. There is only one weapon that can destroy the demons, and it is the angels' quartz sword hidden on Earth. 

Will Etheria's chosen one of the spirit realm find the sword? Will the demons be destroyed, or will dark one's plan triumph? Can the fallen finally be freed of their awful fate? Will Lahash kill Echo? 

Find out if all is to be in vain or if the chosen one can defeat the demons, connect with her twin soul, and form the powerful soul key that can save all. 

Book Trailer 

Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court 
Meridian Chronicles Book 3 

Meridian, stays with Raina the ex-coven member who uses black magic to keep Meridian at her side. 

Aiden struggles with Meridian’s absence having no idea why she really left him. The demon court has their own agenda in the fight for human souls by keeping Meridian banished, but the elemental fairy nymphs come back again to help and may be the ultimate undoing in the fight to send Meridian home. Using the demon’s lustful ways against the favorite of the court, Lahash, may throw a kink in their demonic plan that involves the hall of souls. One good witch answers another of the demon’s riddle setting off a battle in the dark realm, but the real answer still eludes everyone. Is Meridian’s twin soul Aiden? Is it Relic or Kieren? Meridian finds her twin soul but it comes with a price. 

In the third of the four installments of Meridian Chronicles series, hang on for love, treachery and a fight for one unique soul that will take you on a ride to a mind blowing ending you won't see coming. 

Book Trailer 

Black Widow Curse & The Coven 
Meridian Chronicles Book 2 

MERIDIAN’S curse has left her in a state all her own of amnesia.

She is on Earth lost and afraid with only fragments to piece together her mysterious circumstance. The curse has taken the unimaginable from her, but that is just scratching the surface. The Black Widow curse will reveal itself through the demon’s riddle, the Coven and the Fairy Nymphs.

A trip back to Salem is just what the psychic ordered, but treachery lurks with an ex coven member who calls on demons. The demon realm offers more riddles than answers, but a stroke of luck from the high demon court, brings in a sophisticated demon, Lahash who has grown tired of the games.

The curse hides Meridian's identity and her memory will unlock the Universal secret of her twin soul to find her way home. As Meridian finds Aiden so do the impacts of her curse and what it could do to their budding relationship.

Meridian’s soul and fate are in the cross hairs, while the odds rise between the demons, witches and the fairies. Finally having found Aiden, the Fairy Queen comes through to send aid to Meridian, but she still doubts herself and contemplates running away from it all. Who is Meridian's twin soul? Will she go back to Etheria or will the curse reign down on Meridian?

Find out in this dark and twisted paranormal romance.

"Great sequel to the first book in the series! I loved the introduction of Lahash. Reminds me of one of my favorite characters from an older book I read some years ago. It was great to get more into the minds of the lead characters and see that they have some of the same thoughts and emotions just like we do. Anyone who loves a good paranormal book with some villains you will love to hate or just hate and a great plot with some nice twists then I would definitely recommend this book!" 

Book Trailer 

Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies 
Meridian Chronicles Book 1 

If you love Fairies, have an insatiable love for the unseen, enjoy a good riddle shrouded with demon twists and believe in soul mates; hang on for a ride with Meridian through the twists and turns in this paranormal love story. 

Notorious leader, Warrick has it out for Meridian and her circle of Spirit Guides and plans to use the Hall of Souls to cast Meridian’s father away for fictitious crimes as a cover for his real agenda. Struggles for the balance of power over humankind and a battle for their existence have the Spirit Guides in a precarious position. 

Seeking refuge, the Spirit Guides fall deeper in debt to the mysterious fairy Queen as she capitalizes on the Spirit Guides’ weak position. Answering the dark one’s riddle may be the answer, but the sly queen is no stranger to tricks and riddles. The Queen’s agenda may be Meridian’s downfall. 

A love triangle is unfolding in the midst of this epic struggle threatening the unity of the Fairies and the Spirit Guides. Human boy Aiden, son of a fallen spirit guide, unbeknownst to him is in the middle of the love triangle and the source of Meridian’s obsession. 

In a race to save her father from the Hall of Souls and a fight for humankind, Meridian is on the horizon to finding her soul mate and taking back her home of Etheria until the Fairy Queen’s deception becomes the ultimate price. 

My series is fantasy paranormal and the characters are actually inspired by real people. 
Personally, I am a wife and mom to three boys. I am an animal lover especially horses that I used to ride, train and show. Someday will do once more! 
I hold a BS in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. I graduated with a 4.0 and made the National Dean's List 2 years in a row. 
I like many kinds of books. Paranormal is my favorite and anything self help, self motivation. 
I also like romance novels. 
I love chocolate, coffee, my family (not in that order), the beach. Being born a Pisces make it impossible to not love the water...especially the ocean. 

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Friday, May 22, 2020

Guilty? Stockholm Sleuth Series Book 4 by Christer Tholin Genre: Mystery Crime Thriller

Stockholm: From one day to the next, 16-year old Hanna just vanishes without a trace. Her worried parents hire detectives Lars and Elin to find their daughter. The two of them do just that and very quickly. However, Hanna’s problems are far from over – she is trapped in the clutches of a “loverboy”. Just a couple of months later, the two private detectives are asked to help once again, because now Hanna is facing a much more serious issue. This difficult assignment pushes everyone involved to their limits … 

GUILTY? is the fourth, standalone book from Christer Tholin’s Stockholm Sleuth Series.

If you like fast-paced action and surprising twists and turns, then you will love Christer Tholin's sleuth series. 

Buy GUILTY? to see how this suspenseful case is solved! 

Stockholm Sleuth Series Book 3 

Christina’s idyllic existence with her husband Patrik comes to an abrupt end when Patrik suddenly vanishes from their suburban home in Stockholm. Christina is precipitated into a hellishly desperate and anguished search for Patrik – which after six weeks turns up nary a trace of him.

At her wits end, she contacts local sleuths Lars and Elin, who, after a brief investigation, reach the conclusion that Patrik simply decided to abandon his cushy existence to embark on a new life –without Christina.

Lars and Elin ultimately trace Patrik’s movements to the wooded wilds of northern Sweden, but too late – he’s found dead. The police rule his death an accident, but Christina thinks otherwise – and so she asks Lars and Elin to do a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding Patrik’s demise. Was his death really accidental, or was foul play involved? And was the mysterious Natalia somehow implicated?

Unfortunately, none of the countless leads that Lars and Elin follow up gets them any closer to solving the mystery of Patrik’s death. But then they get a startling break that results in Christina having to make a tricky and extremely consequential decision that plunges our three protagonists into a life or death struggle.

MURDER? is the third, standalone book from Christer Tholin’s Stockholm Sleuth Series.
If you like fast-paced action and surprising twists and turns, then you will love Christer Tholin's sleuth series. 

**On Sale for .99 cents May 20-27**

Stockholm Sleuth Series Book 2 

"Dammit! She’d made a huge mistake. She’d never make it out of here - they were going to kill her." 

In the crime novella SECRETS?, fledgling private investigator Elin Bohlander takes on what looks like an easy assignment — at first: to determine if her client’s boyfriend is having an affair with another woman. To do this, Elin follows him to a secluded cabin in the woods, where she soon discovers that what’s actually transpiring is stranger than anyone thought. Having ventured too far, she’s stumbled upon a hornet’s nest and put her life at risk. But it’s too late. Can Elin win the unequal fight against a gang of brutal child molesters?

SECRETS? is the second, standalone book from Christer Tholin’s Stockholm Sleuth Series. In the previous novel VANISHED?, Elin and her colleague Lars solve their first case together.
If you like fast-paced action and surprising twists and turns, then you will love Christer Tholin's sleuth series. 

**On Sale for .99 cents May 20-27** 

Stockholm Sleuth Series Book 1 

She: a very hot 30 something Swedish woman. He: a native of Berlin, on vacation in rural Sweden, seeking solace for his broken heart. They meet. He finds her irresistible. But before their relationship can get off the ground, she vanishes mysteriously, having apparently been abducted. So Martin sets out to rescue Liv from her captors, with the aid of two Swedish detectives in a race against time – and across Sweden. In so doing, Martin and his intrepid detective duo put their very lives on the line.

VANISHED? is the first book in the Stockholm Sleuth Series and where we meet the two private investigators, Elin and Lars. If you like fast action and surprising twists, then you'll love Christer Tholin's Swedish crime novels.

Get VANISHED? today, and join the hunt across Sweden!

The second English edition was edited and partially retranslated by Doreen Zeitvogel and is an improved version in all aspects. 

**On Sale for .99 cents May 20-27** 

The author grew up in the North of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein. Today, he lives together with his family in Stockholm, Sweden, where he works as a management consultant.

Already for ages he has been a great fan of crime stories and therefore, had the desire to write his own crime story with the characters acting in Sweden. This crime-fiction is now available under the title "Vanished?".
The crime novel starts at a slower pace - like Martin's holidays, but the tension goes up more and more. It comes to a number of surprising turns giving new impulses to the story. Apart from that, the lovely country Sweden is described with the view of a foreigner.

$20 Amazon 

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