Forged The Joe Mack Adventures Volume 1 by Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin Genre: Urban Fantasy, Roaring 20's Monster Hunter

Things Will Work Out A Children’s Book

Light of the World A Dream Walker Novel Book 5 by Michelle Miles Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

Byrd's Luck & Other Western Stories by Jeffrey J. Mariotte Genre: Traditional Western and Western Horror Fiction

Win the 16

81 and Still Learning A Memoir by Kathryn Cameron

The Concert by Lawson McDowell A Sale Blitz

Cover Reveal & Preorder Kick-off! Jaws of Death, Octavia Hollows Vol. 3 Written by Stacey Rourke

The Fish The Fighters and The Song-Girl Sacred Band Series Book 9 by Janet & Chris Morris Genre: Historical Fantasy Adventure