In Search of A RevolutionIn Search of A Revolution by Christoph Fischer
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In Search of a Revolution by Christoph Fischer hooked me from the start. I enjoyed the interaction and dynamics between Zacharais and his friend Ansgar. It was clever that in spite of their political ideologies being polar opposites they could share such a deep relationship.
The historical backdrop was fascinating. The tug of war between Communism and Fascism was palpable in the realities of individuals. The larger countries manipulating like pawns the smaller ones; something that our World History is so riddled with, is brought into a personable and tangible story.
In youth Zacharais’ and Ansgar’s convictions are believably unrealistic; as life and realities throw them curves the characters grow and change as I believe all of us do in life.
The female characters were more than secondary supportive characters as the story unfolded. The women have their convictions and struggles as much as the men do. There are clever twists of irony; which I won’t discuss to avoid spoilers. It is in my opinion a mark of very good writing.
As in real life, some bad deeds went unpunished and others with their dose of deserved poetic justice.
In Search of a Revolution is Mr. Fischer’s return to Historical novels and I was thrilled. I enjoy his writing and admire the diversity but the historicals are my favorites. I absolutely LOVED this book.

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