Thursday, November 5, 2015

CRAZY DUMPLINGS...A Cook Book. My Review

Dumplings. Wontons. Jiaozi. This remarkably simple food is found throughout Asia and in Chinese restaurants and kitchens around the world, but have you ever filled a dumpling wrapper with chicken? Lobster? North American Plains Bison? Hardly anyone has! The Crazy Dumplings Cookbook features over 100 recipes with some of the craziest and most delicious dumpling filling recipes you will ever see. From Chicken Taquito Dumplings to Timey-Wimey Dumplings to a dumpling for your dog, Crazy Dumplings will show you all the crazy things you can stuff into a dumpling wrapper for an easy meal or snack.

(five stars)
For Dumpling Lovers and Daring Gourmets;(Or just for fun cooks)
The recipes are very good and well explained.  This is a daring book as so much one would never expect can turn into a delicious dumpling. Aside from the expected Asian fare, the book has recipes for anything you can imagine. The wide array includes; Maple pork and apple dumplings, Chicken taquito dumplings and pizza dumplings.
The book is very well organized in categories, I can't wait to try the dessert dumplings!  Crazy Dumplings  has great extras, with a wide array of dipping sauces to compliment the dumplings.  A great conversion table for international cooking. The images and illustrations are very clear and very professional .



Amanda Roberts is an American writer, editor, and teacher who has lived in China since 2010. She has an MA in English and has published books, short stories, articles, poems, and essays in publications all over the world. She blogs about her life in China at and also heads the Women Writers of Shenzhen writers circle. She can be found all over the internet. 
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