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CHARACTER INTERVIEW ~ Drowning Lessons (A Red Frog Beach Mystery) Cozy Mystery 1st in Series

Drowning Lessons
(A Red Frog Beach Mystery)
by Rachel Neuburger Reynolds


  • Hi Lexi, Welcome to  ⒾⓃⓉⓇⓄⓈⓅⒺⒸⓉⒾⓋⒺ ⓅⓇⒺⓈⓈ What is your full name? Lexie Marino, short for Alexandra
  • How old are you? 35
  • Are you married or single? Well, I guess I’m single, as of last month. I was with my boyfriend for five years, but sometimes you have to do what’s best for you and move on. It wasn’t easy, but I think it was for the best.
  • If single , have you ever caught the bouquet? Sadly, I have not. Most of the weddings I’ve been to have been with a fellow bridesmaid from this wedding, Marianna. She consistently knocks people out of the way in order to jump for the flowers!
  • What is your favorite drink? I’m simple – I’m a fan of Coca-Cola in a glass bottle. If I’m going to have a drink drink, I’m a fan of the Aperol Spritz.
  • I know you discover your  'deductive powers' but have you always been a curious person? I wish I could say yes. Historically, I’ve been a bit timid about trying new things, but hopefully that’s come to an end. It’s been quite a wild ride!
  • Do you come from a large or small family? I have one brother. My mother has four siblings and they each have two kids, so I guess I’d say small immediate family and medium extended.
  • Beach or Mountains? You’d think because I can’t swim that I’d be a mountain gal, but I absolutely love the beach. Hopefully my new curious and not scared nature will allow me to finally learn to swim.
  • Coffee or Tea? Definitely tea. Two milky mugs in the morning and a mint tea in the afternoon. Like clockwork!
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla (but with chocolate sprinkles).
  • Anything else you'd love to tell our visitors? I’ve had a crazy but ultimately amazing time down in the Bocas del Toro islands. I’d recommend it over anywhere I’ve been. To be honest, I’ve fallen in love with the place, and my mind has flirted with going back… permanently. The people I’ve met down there are quirky, and warm and unforgettable. I promise to let you know if I follow my heart on this one.

About the Book

You are cordially invited to a destination wedding to die for…
Welcome to Bocas del Toro, a remote chain of islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama. Five days of glorious sun and lush rainforest await the forty guests celebrating Bridezilla Olivia’s dream wedding—but will a murder sink the catered affair? Before anyone’s got time to start working on a tan, an unfortunate snorkeling accident eliminates a member of the wedding party. Maid of honor Lexie Marino smells trouble, and is thrust into the responsibility of investigating, needing to solve the case before her bestie’s trip down the aisle gets tropically derailed. The show must go on.
Lexie’s a little too tall, a little too awkward, and a little too brokenhearted, but she’s determined to nail the real killer. Can this unlikely sleuth stay afloat as she’s hit by wave after wave of wildly entertaining characters, including an alpha bride, surfing detectives, and a high school flame long forgotten? You’ll find yourself laughing until the very end of Drowning Lessons, a debut cozy mystery that makes the perfect beach read. Rub in some coconut oil, dangle your feet in the crystal-blue waters of Dolphin Bay, and sip a cool drink as Lexie discovers the deductive superpowers she never knew she had. Let the party begin!

About the Author

RACHEL NEUBURGER REYNOLDS is the author of The Red Frog Beach Mystery Series. As a playwright, her plays have had been produced in London, Edinburgh and New York. After 25-years in New York City, she now resides with her husband between London and St Leonards-on-Sea in England. For news about Rachel and the upcoming Red Frog Beach Mysteries, check her out at
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Webpage and blog:
Twitter: @rainyday11
Instagram: @rainydaywrites
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Guest post on the Dream Cast for Western Song by Leigh Podgorski

Readers' Favorite Book Award Winner Bronze 2018.

Contemporary Western Love Story about a bull riding rancher and his deceased best buddy's Thai immigrant mail order bride. As she discovers the power of freedom, he discovers he's lost his heart.

When Weston Beaudurant’s buddy, rodeo clown Cody Goode is killed in a rodeo accident -- gored by the maniacal bull Baby Face that Weston is riding, Weston is consumed with guilt. The day after the accident, while going through Cod’s papers, lawyer Wynona Vasquez discovers that he had been secretly engaged to a Thai immigrant who is arriving by train that evening.

Elected by unanimous decision to be the welcoming committee, Weston arrives at the train station prepared for anything but the lovely forlorn creature he finds waiting in the rain. Though appearing waif-like, Song Phan-Rang is anything but fragile. Her mettle quickly rises to the surface in her determination to remain in Y-oh-ming.
Forced together by their circumstances, Weston and Song are explosive. Used to solitude, Weston is driven crazy by the obliging Song. But as Song shows her prowess not only as a housekeeper and cook, but as a rider and rancher as well, Weston discovers that against his best efforts (and damned if he'll ever admit it) -- he's falling in love.

For a limited time, you can get the Tales From the Big Country Anthology for only 99cents!!
Tales from the Big Country is a wild west thrill ride with 13 full length Western stories brought to you by USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon best-selling authors!

**Only .99 cents!!**

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Dream Cast—Western Song by Leigh Podgorski

Always so exciting to imagine your dream cast for a novel or a play or a screenplay, it makes the piece come alive in a way nothing else can—except for the actual casting for a film or play!
Behold below, my dream cast for Western Song a timeless love story filled with rich unique characters played out beneath the wide Wyoming sky about a bull riding rancher and his recently deceased best buddy’s Thai immigrant mail order bride; as she discovers the true power of freedom, he discovers he’s lost his heart.
Hollywood calling!
For Weston Beaudurant—ruggedly handsome Ewan McGregor. Oh, yeah, any woman’s dream!

Best known for the TV Series Fargo and the film Beauty and the Beast, Ewan is a versatile actor with more than 79 credits and counting. Is there a Western in his future?

Michelle Ang is well known around the world for her work as a regular cast member on the Australian show "Neighbours", "Outrageous Fortune" and the hit teen show "The Tribe" I think Michelle would be a perfect romantic Song Phan Rang to Ewan’s Weston.

Of course no Romance would be complete without a triangle. Well, maybe we could name a few, but this one not only has a triangle, but two broken-hearted unrequited loves.
Strong, smart, competent, and beautiful lawyer Wynona Velez loses her heart to, who else, Weston Beaudurant. And who else to play her but the fabulous Jessica Alba?

Our second broken heart belongs to, yup, another lawyer, Jack Deerstalker. Jack is a young, dynamic Native America who is felled by the beguiling Song. My top pick for Jack, the powerful, compelling actor, Eddie Spears.

Weston is a powerful presence in the town of Wild River, and he has a passel of friends. One of his oldest friends is the shaman Mad Bear. Wise, funny, and mentor to Jack, Mad Bear has a calming aura, though he has been known to mix it up with the best of them. My dream choice for Mad Bear? The formidable Graham Greene.

Next to Mad Bear is Zebadiah, Weston’s best friend from their school days, now married to his little sister Olive.  Zeb is staunch and true, a firm stalwart of the Beaudurant family. Walton Goggins would be my dream pick for this role.

Finally, one of the deepest hearts of the piece is Weston’s sister, Zeb’s wife, Olive. When the brother and sister lost first their father and then their mother, it was Olive who held the household together. It is always Olive to whom Weston turns, though he’ll be durned if he’ll admit it. Rounding out my dream cast is the lovely and talented Zoe Deschenel as Olive Chantry.

So, there you have it.
My very own Dream Team.
Sometimes, dreams do come true. 
Or, from another great Hollywood “dream”:
”If you build it, they will come.”*
Stay tuned!

*From the Book Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella
Movie Field of Dreams produced by Kevin Costner

Leigh Podgorski’s stage plays have been produced in Los Angeles, New York City and regionally. She had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross for her one-act play Windstorm, which was presented as part of the annual festival CelebrateWomen that Leigh also co-produced. We Are Still Here, the story of Cahuilla Indian elder Katherine Siva Saubel, was premiered at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum as part of CelebrateWomen 2000. The play has been presented throughout Southern California at college campuses, Universities, and Indian Reservations and Casinos.

In addition to her plays, Leigh has penned several original award-winning screenplays and several of her monologues have been published through Meriwether Publishing, Ltd..

Leigh produced her first documentary, We Are Still Here, based on the play in 2007, which she also wrote and directed. The film has screened at the. American Indian Film Festival, Sherman Indian Film Festival, Cal State San Marcos Native American Film Festival, and the Talking Stick Film Festival.

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Their Baby Dragon Annie Nicholas

Their Baby Dragon
Annie Nicholas
(Not This #5.5)
Publication date: May 31st 2019
Genres: AdultComedyParanormal,Romance
Eoin, Harbinger of Smoke and Darkness, and Angie, Angel Dragon of New Port are very pleased to announce they are expecting the birth of their first child in the Spring of 2019.
The popular celebrity couple cannot wait to meet their newest addition. They were recently spotted at the premiere shifter obstetrician’s office looking upset. 
Stay tuned for updates.
Warning: DO NOT approach couple, take pictures, or trespass on their land uninvited. Trust this reporter’s advice comes from firsthand experience. 

A Match Made in London by Christina Britton Genre: Historical Romance

Miss Rosalind Merriweather’s life has been one of hardship and servitude since her late sister’s ruination. Now a paid companion, her latest post brings her to London to watch over the daughter of a social climbing harridan. She vows to protect her charge―and her own heart―from rakes and libertines, the very type of man who destroyed her sister. This vow proves difficult when Sir Tristan Crosby, the epitome of all she despises, begins to show attention to the girl.

Tristan has spent decades perfecting his easygoing, charming persona to hide the damage done by years of abuse by his father. Finding he has a talent for matchmaking, he fills some of the emptiness inside him by helping the overlooked, shy women of London find true love. However, the latest young woman has a watchdog of a companion who seems to see beyond his careful façade to the flawed, uncertain soul he strives to hide from the world. Even worse, she affects him in ways no woman ever has.

But he will not give up his matchmaking, even for one such as her. What he does not expect is for Rosalind to be fired from her position because of it―nor that she will immediately find a position in his own household. When these two headstrong adversaries meet under one roof, will their attraction to one another lead to heartbreak, or have these two passionate souls finally met their match?

Christina Britton developed a passion for writing romance novels shortly after buying her first at the tender age of thirteen. Though for several years she turned to art and put brush instead of pen to paper, she has returned to her first love and is now writing full time. She spends her days dreaming of corsets and cravats and noblemen with tortured souls.

She lives with her husband and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area. A member of Romance Writers of America, she also belongs to her local chapter, Silicon Valley RWA, and is a 2017 RWA® Golden Heart® winner. Her debut novel, With Love in Sight, was released by Diversion Books in early 2018.

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New Release - Claudio - A Dark Mafia Hate Story

It's here!!!! Heather: Claudio Abruzzi. His name is spoken in whispers, as if saying it aloud might summon the devil himself to appear. He’s a cruel, sadistic enforcer. Ruthlessly loyal to his boss. And my new husband. The last time I came to him for help, he laughed at me – and threw me out on the Claudio: I swore a blood oath to Diego, but what he’s asking of me might test that loyalty past its breaking point. He wants me to dial back on the crazy and show the Family that I’m stable enough to be his right hand man. And to prove it – I need to get married. Yeah, there’s one girl who’s been haunting my dreams from the day she came crawling to me. That’s exactly why I need to stay the f#@! away from her. My desires are dark and twisted. They’ll break her. Ruin her. And out of all the people I’ve met in my life, she’s the one I least want to destroy.
street. This time, he was the one who came to me, to make an offer I couldn’t refuse: marry him, or bury my only brother. Or rather, what’s left of him, after Claudio finishes with him. What Claudio asks of me every night is sick, and wrong – so why do I find myself starting to crave it? Why, when I have the chance to escape, do I find myself hesitating?

Game of Revenge Francis Scott-Wren Series Book 2 by Charlotte Larsen Genre: Crime Thriller

Game of Revenge
Francis Scott-Wren Series Book 2
by Charlotte Larsen
Genre: Crime Thriller

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”— Confucius

Heart crushing international thriller from a bestselling Scandinavian author.

In 1944 a snitch denounced a couple and their eldest son for resistance activities. The mother was separated from her husband and son and sent to Bergen-Belsen. The husband and son sent to Dachau. None of them returned.
Years later, their grandson, James takes on a revenging role towards the affluent descendants of the snitch. One by one he takes them down.
But along the way, Francis Scott-Wren picks up the scent and sends in his agent Jo Vermeer to stop the destructive rampage of James.

However, the relationship between her and her target brings her a dilemma of loyalty, that unstable her significantly.

As we travel with the characters through Copenhagen, Marrakesh and into a jungle monastery in Sri Lanka, we must ask ourselves: What are our true values? And how far will we go to defend them?
Game of Revenge is a nail biting standalone crime thriller and a gripping exploration of human nature.
If you like a passionate heroine, spine-chilling suspense, and a fight for what is right, then you’ll love Charlotte Larsen’s fast-paced thriller.
Buy Game of Revenge to be captured in a brave fight against evil today!

Charlotte Larsen is a bestselling Scandinavian author of more than twelve books, including the bestselling crime thriller GAME OF GREED, and a series of management books.

A graduate of Aarhus University and University of New South Wales, Charlotte is highly recognized as a specialist in managerial issues. Besides working on her next novel, she serves as a high-end management consultant for high performing industries such as the legal profession, finance, and defense.

Charlotte keeps a blog on creativity, writes for a Danish broadsheet, and is generally an opinion maker in the Danish business community.

She lives and writes in the Danish countryside and keeps a closet full of business suits in a flat in Copenhagen.

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A Shifting of Stars by Kathy Kimbray

A Shifting of Stars
by Kathy Kimbray
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: May 28th 2019


A squandering emperor. A handsome stranger. A reluctant heroine. And the ancient magic that will capsize a kingdom.

Seventeen-year-old Meadow Sircha watched her mother die from the wilting sickness. Tormented by the knowledge that the emperor failed to import the medicine that would have saved her, she speaks out at a gathering of villagers, inciting them to boycott his prized gladiator tournament.

But doing so comes at a steep cost.

Arrested as punishment for her impulsive tongue, Meadow finds herself caught up in the kind of danger she’s always tried to avoid. After a chance meeting with an enigmatic boy, she’s propelled on a perilous trek across the outer lands. But she soon unearths a staggering secret: one that will shift her world—and the kingdom—forever.

Filled with longing and heart, surprise and wonder, A SHIFTING OF STARS is the first book in Kathy Kimbray's gripping Of Stars trilogy.


I should not be here. I’m foreign to this village of broken rooftops and dull stone walls. I brush my fingers over a pillar. Its coldness burns my skin, makes me pause.
Go home.
The words sing loud like a taunt as moonlight slithers across my shoulders. The parchment digs like thorns in my palm. I imagine its shape, every fiber and ink blot.
Something moves near my feet and I jump. It’s just a rat, one of hordes from the city. They’ve grown bolder during these past few seasons, always darting out of alleys and running by arches, desperate—like us—to fill their bellies.
As it squeaks away, nails tapping in rhythm, I inspect the darkened street before me. Lamplight glows from a crooked post, but the shadows are still and the windows are empty. A leaf-strewn house looms in the distance, enticing me over the cobblestone ground. That house is the reason I’ve ventured so late into this weary part of town. Beside me, buildings cringe with moss. Walkways glisten with dirty puddles. Teetering balconies slouch from walls with garments strung between casements like cobwebs.
But that smell.
I halt to sniff the air. It wafts from the dwelling ahead of me. It winds from beneath its splintered panes—the pungent scent of broth and ale.
            I wish it were stew.
Saliva brims on my tongue at the thought of meat cooked with spices and oils. The last time venison passed my lips, my mother was alive, my father smiled, and the future stretched before us, unending. Those were the days of Emperor Komran, a king who lived and bled for his people. I barely remember the white of his beard or how he limped through the fields during harvest. And it’s the same with my mother. I’m losing her, too. The curve of her cheek. The shade of her tresses. When she died, we set her afloat in the Geynes, and I sat on the bank with my toes in the water, not wanting to break that connection to her.
It’s a year tonight.
My chest starts to cave, but I fight and I fight to be still, to not cry. At least the dead are not hungry, not in turmoil. They do not see what Centriet has become.
I urge my feet toward the house. Komran would never have driven me here. When he reigned, our streets were routinely swept, and fountains dotted the well-kept pavements.
And medicine was—
A loose stone clacks. Forgetting my thoughts, I dart to an alcove. Since Komran’s son became our emperor, soldiers lurk where you’d least expect them.
In the dark, I steady my breaths, in and out. Not that I’m breaking any laws—that I know of. I listen to the night: crickets chirping, a soft breeze, and the whinny of a horse that’s so indistinct, perhaps it’s from Sledloe, the next village over.
I wait longer, just to be safe. Many of the soldiers are kind, though not all. Father says they’ve been granted more powers, but that we won’t know what it means for a while.
I hate not knowing. Just like tonight. I hate not knowing what awaits in the house. When the street remains silent, I rejoin the road, but my ankles wobble when I try to walk.
So I jog.
It soothes my jangled nerves, and I reach the house, breathless and flushed. Planks board the four square windows; rust from the nails seeps into the woodgrain. The stones are all different sizes and shapes, charred by the remnants of a long-ago fire. Ivy clings to the rutted surface, its end pieces curling like ribbon from the door.
You should leave, Meadow.
But I raise my fist. All I need to do is knock. I’ve already abandoned my stonebrick at dusk without letting Father know where I have gone. The loss of my mother hits me anew—the pain a reminder of why I have come here. That I’ve come to move on, to at last let her go. Even though I’m not sure what that means anymore.
Or if I can.
“Are you here for the Gathering?”
The question shatters the bracing air. Someone’s behind me and I spin to face him, shrouding myself with my long dark hair. But I’m wrong. There are two. One’s tall and strapping. The other is smaller in every way. As they chance another step, I notice that they’re young—about my age, seventeen.
“Why I’m here is not your concern,” I say.
“We do beg your pardon,” the smaller boy says. He has a scar on his brow like a cutlass. And another on his forearm, dark as molasses. He gestures to the vacant street behind him. “Have you ever visited Yahres before?”
“Yes,” I say, though my words are false. It’s safer to make them believe I’m a local.
            “And your name?” asks the boy, but I shake my head at the same time his companion lets out a grunt.
            “Don’t bother,” he snaps. “We leave tomorrow.”
            The smaller boy nods, looking slightly embarrassed.
“We watched you for a bit,” he tells me.
“And what did you see?” I ask.
He smiles. One of his teeth is chipped. “We assumed you’d turn back many times.”
My pulse quickens at their presumption, especially since it’s mostly true. The slums of Yahres are outside the walls. My home lies inside in the village of Maytown. In Maytown we’re warned to always tread wisely in places like Yahres, Florian, and Sledloe. Perhaps that’s why I’d appeared so unsure. Yet neither of the pair looks remarkably dangerous.
“You proved us wrong,” the boy continues.
“No hard feelings,” I say.
He laughs. “Come inside with us.”
He holds out a hand, but I back away.
“Forgive me,” he says, withdrawing swiftly, color blotching his cheeks. “We lodge with the man who hosts these gatherings . . . and I noticed you had a parchment to read.”
“You saw?” I jolt, clutching it tightly, blood surging through my legs and arms. Since Mother’s passing, it happens quite often. My heart beats fast, and I need to run.
“You don’t have to read it,” he says.
I swallow.
“Although you can if you want to, of course. Unless you didn’t come here for the Gathering?”
“I doubt she’s here for anything else.”
It’s much too hard to read his expression, but the taller boy speaks with a dash of disdain. He sidesteps his friend with two no-nonsense strides.
“You don’t know my business,” I say.
“Oh, please.” He comes in close, reaching past me, and the scent of leather and steel is intense. It reminds me of sitting in my father’s workroom when he’s mending quivers for the elder archers. The boy raps on the door with his knuckles. Three times, then nothing. The way we’re supposed to. “Of course you’re here for the Gathering,” he says, as metal grinds and a peephole opens.
My need to bolt escalates.
“Get in. You’re the last,” says the face inside. The cumbersome timber shifts outward before us. It breaks the leaves and they flutter in spirals.
“After you,” the tall boy says.
The parchment feels like a stone in my hand. It dawns on me how stifled this is—this narrow black corridor, deep in the kingdom.
I brush the still-dangling leaves to one side. The passageway stretches a good twenty paces. I could perish in there and no one would find me.
“Are you waiting for something?”
“No,” I say.
Ignoring the boy, I stoop to enter, trying to focus my thoughts on the brickwork. The blocks have eroded from years of scuffing. They smell like lichen and tarnished copper. Light spills through the distant doorframe, and our guide clears his throat to urge us on. I double my pace, though the boys hang back. The weight of their presence behind me is strong.

About the Author

Kathy Kimbray is a YA author from Australia.

She loves summer, dancing and dreaming up big ideas. A SHIFTING OF STARS is the first book in her thrilling new YA fantasy series.

Author Links:
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