Sunday, May 19, 2019


This book delivers at so many levels. The prose entices with a harmony that is both beautiful and unique to this writer’s voice (Paulette Mahurin) ;
 ‘The door to her closed heart had been kicked open.’ I could share so many powerful phrases like that one, and thus Irma’s Endgame Kicks open the reader’s curiosity and anticipation. I don’t like to review with spoilers and that is a hard thing to do with this multifaceted storyline in which one explores dynamics in unique relationships. The kind of encounters that fate thrust upon people with no warning or expectation. As the characters suffer, as a reader I felt their pain. When they found light, I did as well. I cannot stop thinking of so many aspects in the storyline. I took a four-hour train ride after I finished the book and found myself talking to a fellow traveler, a stranger, about cellular memory as explored in this storyline. He wrote down the book’s title. I know in the next few weeks I will Google it often! The story takes place during the course of several years. This was written with a clever backdrop of global events, as a reader it placed me right there. The type of brilliant book that is thought provoking and lingers on long after one reads the last page.

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