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Passarinho and the Highlander: Adventures in Love and War by Fran Connor Genre: Historical Romantic Adventure

Fran Connor – Author – Screenwriter - Playwright
Fran grew up in the North of England among those ‘Dark Satanic Mills’ surrounded by the brooding Pennine moors that forged the Brontë family of authors. While he would be the first to admit he doesn’t quite reach such literary heights he does claim this area created his love for the wild landscapes and romance of desolate places that sometimes find their way into his work.
After employment on the railways and in the dreaded Inland Revenue Tax Office in London he moved south to join the police force where he rose to the rank of Chief Inspector before retiring after thirty-three years to move to South West France.
During his time in the police, he has seen people at their best and worst. He doesn’t write cop stories but draws on that experience to craft his characters and situations to give them authenticity.
Here in France among the ancient fortified villages once occupied by the English in the Middle-Ages before being thrown out, he has found an idyllic lifestyle with his wife, dog and chickens. The French seem to have forgiven the Brits for the marauding antics of the Black Prince and Henry V! He’s hoping Brexit will not upset the apple cart again.
Fran’s novels include Romance in ‘Sophia and the Fisherman’; Fantasy in ‘The Devil’s Bridge’; tongue in cheek Thriller in ‘Her Man in Havana’; Drama in ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’; Historical Romance in ‘Honourable Lies’; and the three series Political Thrillers in the Artemis series, ‘Operation Hydra’, The Genesis Project’ and ‘The Alcazar Code’. He also wrote the War Drama ‘Dunkirk’.
‘Passarinho and the Highlander’ is Fran’s latest novel set in 1730s Boston, Georgia and Jamaica. It’s an action-packed Romantic Thriller that will have you cheering for its flawed heroine, Susannah, as she overcomes her prejudice and grapples with a shock revelation about herself. 

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A privileged young woman in 1730s Boston sets out on an adventure to rescue her father from a debtor’s prison in Jamaica. A dashing Scottish soldier offers to help her in return for her help in exposing a traitor.
Shipwreck, spies, murder, war and a rival for the Highlander’s affections combine to thwart her mission.
She finds the darker side of life in the Caribbean is a far cry from her sheltered upbringing. To survive and succeed in her rescue she must adapt and, on the way, she discovers a secret about herself that could have disastrous consequences for her future.
Buy or download now through Kindle Unlimited and enjoy this gripping Romantic Adventure with a flawed heroine. 

I live in SW France for the lifestyle after a career in a UK Police Force. I have six published novels, three more in the pipeline and six plays that have been produced on stage. My screenplays portfolio contains seven feature length scripts with one about to go into production. 
I write mainly Historical Fiction but I do other genres too. I don't do cop stories, I had enough of the real thing. 

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