Sunday, March 22, 2020

MODERN WITCHCRAFT Goddess Empowerment for the Kick-Ass Woman by DEBORAH BLAKE


I usually avoid books with the title word Witchcraft, but the book description appealed to me and it did not disappoint. The book is well written, well organized and fascinating. I learned empowerment techniques and reviewed others that I use with no conscious knowledge of how I learned them. It is an empowerment and balance resource. The harmony with nature, the phases of the moon, to my surprise I must be a Witch! I particularly enjoyed learning about so many different feminine deities and what they represent. These are things I would have called tapping into my inner Goddess. Some books find you at just the right time and MODERN WITCHCRAFT did that for me! Whether the reader is simply curious, seeking or a seriously confirmed Witch, this book is for all of us.

Deborah Blake's Modern Witchcraft is a guidebook to witchcraft as a female-empowering religion, including detailed instructions on how to practice self-care in today's society through goddess worship and magic.
In a time when most formal religions are on the wane, Wicca is said to be the fastest growing religion in North America. What is it that draws people to Witchcraft, and how does a spiritual path with its roots in ancient beliefs and traditions transform itself into a practice that resonates so deeply with today’s modern woman?
There are a number of explanations for the phenomenon, such as Witchcraft's connection to the natural world, or acceptance of members regardless of lifestyle choices. For women, however, the greatest appeal may be the worship of a goddess (or goddesses). No stern patriarchal God here. Instead, Wicca and most other forms of modern Witchcraft embrace deity in both the feminine and the masculine. Suddenly, women can look at the divine and see themselves reflected back. In addition, many women are frustrated, frightened, triggered, and down-right furious with the current social and political environment, but feel powerless to create positive change. Witchcraft can give them a sense of personal empowerment.
There are many different Witchcraft paths and a multitude of approaches to its practice. This book will guide the reader on the journey to connecting with the feminine divine both without and within, and open the door to this magical religion that will enlighten, uplift, and energize their lives.

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